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Biden Signs Respect For Marriage Act - 12/13/22

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

@LGBTSHC is proud of and grateful to President Joseph Biden @POTUS for signing the #Respectformarriageact on December 13th, 2022. The @united_states_congress passed the #RespectforMarriageAct on 12/8/22.The House vote was 258 to 169, 39 Republicans joined Democrats in voting in favor. The @united_states_senate passed the companion bill (with legislation including protections for same sex and interracial marriage. The bill will repeal the Defense of Marriage Act still on the books.

“There is nothing lame about the lame duck session this cycle as evidenced by this effort to codify equality in marriage in the US. With the current tenor of constitutional interpretation from SCOTUS, it’s a relief to know that our elected officials can come together in a bipartisan collective to do what is right and equitable for all Americans" says Amy Simon- CEO of @LGBTSHC.

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