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Inservice Programs



NJS2545 Program Debrief + Q&A

     Administrators, Directors and Designates - This one-hour session will provide an opportunity to review your progress in establishing your        LGBTQ+/HIV+ program at your facility. Delve into your challenges and successes, have your questions answered and advance your affirming and welcoming community program.

     This session is best held live at your facility, but can be scheduled as a live webinar if requested.



Staff NJS2545 Reboot

     Does your staff have questions about their role in compliance for NJS2545? Enhance the prerecorded learning module training with a one-hour refresher and Q&A session.



Create A Cultural Competency Committee

     Administrators, NJ S2545 Designates, HR and Community Life Directors - Engage stakeholders across the organization in an effective LGBTQ+ affirming and welcoming program. Enhance the program through community involvement, create remediation procedures and more.

                    $479 - 1 hour

                    $849 - 2 hours


FOR HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS:       Advanced Training (CE’s - $25 per credit hour)

     Advanced LGBTQ+ Affirming Sensitivity for Physicians, Psychiatrists and Nursing

    Advanced LGBTQ+ Affirming Sensitivity for Social Workers and Psychologists 

                     $579  2-hour live course with prior LGBTQ+ training (up to 5 participants - $125 per each additional participant)

                     $2049 6-hour live course with no prior LGBTQ+ training up to 10 participants)




Movie Night & Discussion

You bring the popcorn; we bring the award-winning film GEN SILENT - A gripping story about LGBTQ+

elders navigating aging in place, finding a LTC facility and being a transgender elder at the end of life.

Discussion to follow the film.

                    $749 2-hour session including resources.


The ABC’s of LGBTQ+

Explore the definitions of the acronym LGBTQIAAP+ and basic terminology. Play spin the wheel to see what is

learned and win prizes.

                    $349 1-hour session, prizes and resources included.

Rainbow Bingo

Explore LGBTQ+ terminology with a colorful presentation then play a rousing game of bingo using the terms we

have learned.

                    $579  90-minute session, prizes and resources included.




  • Travel outside of north and central New Jersey may require an additional fee. Speak to the LGBTSHC team to learn more.

  • Sales Tax where required is an additional fee.

  • 3.5% service fee is added to all credit card charges.


Please complete this application and email it to

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