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LGBT Senior Housing and Care Membership

Includes 3 hours annually of Technical Assistance with a designated Affiliate to address on-going opportunities, challenges, reactive communications via phone, web meeting, and e-mail and the following added benefits;
  • 50% reduced hourly rate on subsequent technical assistance 

  • 25% reduced hourly rate site visits for technical assistance

  • 25% reduced rate live/webinar, in service continuing education trainings

  • 5 free online #201 training enrollments per annum 

  • LGBTQ+ advocacy, local and regional events, and policy updates

  • Inclusion in LGBT Senior Housing and Care public relations and media partnerships 

  • LGBTQ+ related events (additional fees may apply) 

  • Compliance record keeping (if applicable)

Membership Fee - 2023 Pride Special  $2,250 annual fee 

6.25% NJ Sales Tax or Tax Exempt Certificate                                                            

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