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Affirming and Welcoming Certification Program


2hr consultation at your facility or via video conference and organizational cultural sensitivity assessment. 

Phase One, Affirming and Welcoming Certification planning and implementation

Includes a written custom affirming and welcoming action plan outlining month to month benchmarks.


Plus one 90 minute, Level 1Affirming and Welcoming Training module for up to 20 persons. This introductory training module will provide your organization with the concepts and language with which to implement LGBTQ+ Affirming and Welcoming practice, programs and protocols. Program includes session materials for each participant to keep for review.

Phase Two Implementation 

A multi-step process with elements that can be executed consecutively or concurrently, depending upon the needs and the capacity of your organization, over a period of up to 12 months from contract. 


Phase Two plans include, but are not limited to, advanced and Continuing Education Unit (CEU) training modules (added CEU fees apply), integrating the practice into all facilities and departments, creating an internal Cultural Sensitivity Team, aligning company materials and marketing initiatives, instituting programs and services, creating strategic partnerships and Year 1, LGBT Senior Housing and Care membership. 


At completion of the program your agency/organization will be presented with a certificate of completion, with photo opportunity and a digital media packet for distribution .

Fees determined by scope of organization or agency with a variety of payment methods. (NJ State Sales Tax unless provide with a non for profit tax exempt certificate.)


Continuing Education

LGBT Senior Housing  and Care will remain available to assist your agency/organization in combating institutional creep, implementing existing or new regulations, and VIP access to LGBT Senior Housing and Care events, seminars and CEU's.

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